Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X, Leather Pouch, 105mm

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  • STRENGTH PACKAGED INTO A SMALL SIZE: The Makers of the Original Swiss Army knife presents a Swiss made multi-tool with 24 functions in a Leather Pouch
  • TRIP OR TRICK: Multi-tools are extraordinary at heart: Theyâre extremely handy, extremely functional and extremely compact. Ait can tackle any job, whether thatâs a DIY task at home or making camp in an outdoor environment. This must-have pocket tool comes with a stylish and practical pouch for easy storage and portability for the free-spirited adventurer. Multi-use, multi-skilled, always essential.
  • STRONG AND SUSTAINABLE: All Swiss Tool components (excluding rivets) are made from martensitic stainless steel. Making a tool that offers optimum functionality and durability requires the right steel alloy. The steel must ensure excellent edge retention and sufficient resistance to rust, but should also be flexible so that it does not break during use. The tool comes with a pouch for safe keeping.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Any defects in workmanship that you notice during your usage? Nothing to worry about. This knife comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that ensures that you are protected against any shortcoming that you may experience while using this otherwise perfect product.


  1. Scissors
  2. Wood saw
  3. Needle-nose pliers
  4. Wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
  5. Hard wire cutter
  6. Metal saw
  7. Metal file
  8. Screwdriver 2 mm
  9. Blade, large
  10. Chisel 7 mm and scraper
  11. Cable cover longitudinal cutter
  12. Cable cover crossways cutter
  13. Wire stripper and scraper
  14. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
  15. Reamer, punch
  16. Pulling hook
  17. Can opener
  18. Screwdriver 3 mm
  19. Lanyard hole
  20. Coupling for corkscrew
  21. Bottle opener
  22. Screwdriver 6 mm
  23. Crate opener
  24. Wire bender

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Blade Material

Stainless Steel

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Lifetime (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special?

Multi-tools are extraordinary at heart: They're extremely handy, extremely functional and extremely compact. And the Swiss Tool Spirit X proves they can also be extremely elegant. It's a light, ergonomic and beautiful multi-tool. And you'll notice this every time you use it. Which is good, because you'll be using it extremely often, from cutting cables to opening bottles. It's got it all.

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