Victorinox, Swiss Modern Cutlery Block with 6 Knives & 1 Carving Fork, Multicoloured, Swiss Made

Sale price₹ 33,800.00


  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES- All the 5 blades and the fork are of High Carbon stainless, ultra-sharp and prefect for precise cuts and hold
  • THE STORAGE is made of robust Walnut wood coated with an elegant anthracite lacquer. A small metallic triangle provides additional stability
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP- Ergonomic, modern, slip-resistant Walnut Wood handles
  • DISHWASHER SAFE- Only the knives are safe; yet if washed under running water then wiped with a dry cloth and stored, it retains the lustre for long

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Why it's special ?

Cook to your heart’s content with Victorinox’s finest cutlery collection that transforms your culinary skills and your kitchen. Peeler, chopper, and more, there are a variety of tools to choose from and ensure that your kitchen experiments end in an exemplary manner.Vegetables?Cut, chop, peel, and do whatever you want.Fruits?Perfect materials with flexible handles take skin and cut just fine.Coconut?Cut through the hard shell to find the juiciness inside.Pizza?Slide through the slices.and much, much more. It’s the age of smart cooking, and with these professional tools in your kitchen, you can don that chef’s hat and cook away to glory. From fruits and eggs to chicken fingers and much more, these fine cutlery tools will help you out with all the facets, with each cut and slice.Cooking is an art, you are the artist, and Victorinox is the brush with which you carve a niche with your skills: the gallery that’s your kitchen. Certified sanitary by authorities and sturdy by the users, these professional kitchen tools ensure that no cooking effort of yours gets wasted. These are tools high on utility and functionality.Why should you trust Victorinox for your kitchen?Victorinox, a 136 year old Swiss Company, is a recipient of Red Dot Design Award which is one of the world’s biggest international design competitions, with its eponymous awards honouring products that set new standards in innovation, quality and functionality. This expertise that the brand has developed over the years ensures that we have happy customers across the globe!

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