Victorinox Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021 Swiss Army Knife 29 Functions 91 mm Swiss Made

Sale price₹ 39,370.00


  • Mightier than the sword
    Victorinox presents a new version of its dependable and highly versatile Champ Swiss Army Knife that packs many specific tools among one fresh face. The limited-edition version of the venerable multi utility tool is equipped with a blade made from Damascus steel, giving it an air of sophistication and elite performance to go with many of the familiar functions.
  • Cutting Edge Solutions with 29 Functions
    This "Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition," includes bottle & can openers, scissors, pliers, wire cutter & crimping tools, two rulers, wood saw, nail file, metal saw, metal file, magnifying glass, multiple screwdrivers, chisel, multipurpose hook, a corkscrew, wire strippers, a fish scaler & magnifying glass. In all, this champ is equipped with tools, all attached to a set of swivelling layers making up a 1.3-inch-thick body.
  • Pocket-friendly Rocket
    The Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021 is cut from the same mould as Victorinox's standard Champ, packing a wide array of tools and functions into a pocket-friendly multi-tool measuring just 3.5 in (8.9 cm) long and weighing 184 grams.
  • Trusted Quality
    Handcrafted in Switzerland, this limited release is restricted to only 6,000 serialized units worldwide and sold in a special presentation gift box.


  1. Large Blade With Damast Steel
  2. Small Blade
  3. Can Opener
  4. Screwdriver 3 mm
  5. Bottle Opener
  6. Screwdriver 6 mm
  7. Wire Stripper
  8. Reamer, Punch and Sewing Awl
  9. Scissors
  10. Pliers
  11. Wire Cutter
  12. Wire Crimping Tool
  13. Fish Scaler
  14. Hook Disgorger
  15. Ruler (cm)
  16. Ruler (inches)
  17. Wood Saw
  18. Nail File
  19. Nail Cleaner
  20. Metal Saw
  21. Metal File
  22. Magnifying Glass
  23. Phillips Screwdriver 1/2
  24. Screwdriver 2.5 mm
  25. Chisel 4 mm
  26. Multipurpose Hook
  27. Key Ring
  28. Mini Screwdriver
  29. Corkscrew

Product Specification

Product Attributes


Product Code






Height (cms)


Width (cms)


Weight (gr)


Blade Material

Damascus Steel

Scale Material

Carbon Fiber


Lifetime (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special ?

Victorinox has wheeled out various limited edition models with special Damascus blades over the years, and now the time-honoured Champ gets the same treatment. Waves that resemble rippled water are styled into a "Bjorkmans Twist" pattern, giving the high-performance blade a distinct aesthetic to go with its extra sharp edge. In addition, the scales that make up either side of the handle are crafted from black forged carbon fibre rather than the thermoplastics seen in the standard Champ, rounding out the special edition pocket knife. Victorinox will be handcrafting a run of 6,000 of the limited edition Swiss Champ Damast for 2021.

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