Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Pioneer X, 93 Mm, Alox Limited Edition 2024, Terra Brown

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  • COLLECTIBLE LIMITED EDITION POCKET KNIFE: The new and 10th Alox Limited Edition 2024 Pioneer X takes you back to nature with its terra brown color. The signatory Alox scales offer an easy grip, with a stylish and visually attractive design. Take it anywhere you go and face any challenge.
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOOL WITH 9 FUNCTIONS: This model includes a blade, a reamer, punch, a can opener (with a 3 mm screwdriver), a bottle opener (with a 7 mm screwdriver and wire stripper), scissors and a key ring. This makes it an exceptionally reliable tool that you can count on wherever you go.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING: It makes a perfect gift for all, including fans of the brand and collectors looking for that special, highly distinguishable something. Each item has the year printed on the back and is packaged with its certificate in an elegant gift box.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Handcrafted in Switzerland, this Swiss Army Knife comes with a lifetime guarantee, which ensures that you are protected against any shortcoming that you may experience while using this otherwise perfect product.


  1. Blade
  2. Reamer, punch
  3. Can opener
  4. Bottle opener
  5. Scissors
  6. Key ring
  7. Wire stripper
  8. 7 mm Screwdriver
  9. 3 mm Screwdriver

Product Specification

Product Attributes


Product Code






Height (cms)


Width (cms)


Weight (gr)


Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Scale Material



Lifetime (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special?

The new and 10th Alox Limited Edition 2024 takes you back to nature with its natural terra brown color. The collection is a reliable combination of functionality, style and elegant design featuring the signatory Alox scales. The ribbed surface makes this Swiss Army Knife very special. The scales are sturdy, stylish and have an easy grip. The Pioneer X is your go-to companion for anywhere you go.

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