Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Knife 12 Functions 91 mm Blue

Sale price₹ 2,120.00


  • Outer Material Type: Plastic, Inner Material: Swiss Stainless Steel, Color: Blue
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Any defects in workmanship that you notice during your usage? Nothing to worry about. This knife comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that ensures that you are protected against any shortcoming that you may experience while using this otherwise perfect product


1. Large Blade
2. Small Blade
3. Corkscrew
4. Can Opener
5. Small Screwdriver
6. Bottle Opener
7. Screwdriver
8. Wire Stripper
9. Reamer, Punch
10. Key Ring
11. Tweezers
12. Toothpick

Product Specification

Product Attributes Values
Product Code 1.3603.T2
Functions 12
Color Blue
Height(cms) 13.0
Width(cms) 3.0
Weight(gm) 67.2
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Scale Material Plastic
Guarantee Life time (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special

When it comes to style and invention in the arena of knives, there is no beating the art and craft of Swiss people who put countless hours of labour to perfect one knife that you can proudly possess. An authentic Swiss made knife is highly renowned for its intense finish and smart profile since it has the capacity to hold multiple objects in a single case. With minimalist volume, the Victorinox Spartan Blue Swiss Army Knife is another blade that vouches for its intrinsic strength and dependable attributes. An offspring of the iconic and primal "Officer's Knives" of 1897 and one of the bestsellers among the “Swiss Army Knives”, this blade has a blue plastic exterior and an original Swiss stainless steel in its interior. With a large blade, small blade, can opener with small, screwdriver, cap lifter with screwdriver, wire stripper, corkscrew, reamer with sewing eye, tweezers, toothpick, key ring inox, the Victorinox Spartan Blue Swiss Army Knife gives a new dimension to multipurpose accessories. This light weighted Swiss knife has a Hardside shell which makes it substantially tough. With a legendary brand and an affordable price, this versatile knife is indispensable for everyone who wishes to have one storehouse of several objects.

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