Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Knife 12 Functions 91 mm Blue

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  • Outer Material Type: Plastic, Inner Material: Swiss Stainless Steel, Color: Blue
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.


1. Large Blade
2. Small Blade
3. Corkscrew
4. Can Opener
5. Small Screwdriver
6. Bottle Opener
7. Screwdriver
8. Wire Stripper
9. Reamer, Punch
10. Key Ring
11. Tweezers
12. Toothpick


Product Attributes Values
Product Code 1.3603.2
Functions 12
Color Blue
Height(cms) 9.1
Width(cms) 2.7
Weight(gm) 60
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Scale Material Plastic
Guarantee Life time (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special

Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox AG and Wenger SA offers multi-tool functionality. Victorinox manufacture a wide range of Swiss army knives. So choosing the right one as per your needs is really very important. Victorinox 1.3603.2 Spartan Blue Swiss Army Knife offers 12 different functionalities in a single unit. All the tools in this knife are made of stainless steel. The blue handle is crafted from hard plastic to provide a good grip while using the tool. This Swiss Army knife has two blades small and large, which are very sharp and never blunt. It also includes a can opener with a small screw driver of size 3 mm and a cap lifter with a screw driver of size 6 mm. This Swiss army knife also includes a corkscrew, wire stripper, tweezers and toothpick. It has a reamer with sewing eye that can be used to make holes in almost any hard material. This knife can be attached to your key chain as it has a key ring. This Swiss Army knife can be easily stashed inside your pocket or wallet for ease of use. Buy this pocket knife online only at Amazon India.

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