Victorinox Rosewood Cutlery Block 11 Pieces Beechwood

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  • A COUNTERTOP ESSENTIAL. This 11-piece cutlery block set contains paring carving knife bread knife-- plus a sharpening steel round potato peeler single edge and slant hardwood block. An accessible storage solution for any kitchen.
  • FIT FOR ALL TASKS. Designed to handle both small and large kitchen tasks with durability. Crafted with high carbon stainless steel each knife is conical ground and ice tempered to ensure long-lasting sharpness.
  • EASY HANDLING. Inspired by our rosewood line we've designed a contemporary wooden textured handle with a non-slip grip -- even when wet. These exceptional knives are weighted and balanced for easy handling.
  • KNIFE DIMENSIONS. Stainless steel blades; This set includes 810 cm wavy edge paring knife 15181922 cm carving kinfe 21 cm bread knife and sharpening steel potato peeler single edge and a slant hardwood block.
  • TRUSTED SWISS QUALITY. Expertly crafted in Switzerland in 1884 Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy.

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Blade Material

Stainless Steel

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Wavy Edge


Lifetime (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special?

Every piece required in any kitchen is included in our 11-piece Wood Cutlery Block which combines the exceptional quality expected of Victorinox blades with the timeless elegance of natural wood. Part of the Wood line for which each handle is made of highly robust wood carefully hand-polished for a smooth comfortable-to-hold surface the eight knives come accompanied by a carving fork a potato peeler and a sharpening steel to keep everything in efficient working order for longer. Multifunctional natural and stylish this block fulfills the needs of every cooking job.

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