Victorinox Rescue Tool Swiss Army Knife 13 Functions 111 mm Yellow

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  • Outer Material Type: Metal
  • Inner Material: Swiss Stainless Steel, Color: Luminicent Yellow
  • Strong and sustainable: Made of collider and polyamide, it comes from natural resources, created with our future in mind. The stainless steel therein makes the knives and tools the most robust that you have ever seen or experienced.
  • Lifetime guarantee: Any defects in workmanship that you notice during your usage? Nothing to worry about. This knife comes with a lifetime guarantee that ensures that you are protected against any shortcoming that you may experience while using this otherwise perfect product.


1. Lock Blade For One Hand With 2/3 Wavy Edge
2. Phillips Screwdriver
3. Window Breaker
4. Lockable Bottle Opener
5. Screwdriver / Crate opener
6. Wire Stripper
7. Reamer, Punch
8. Seatbelt Cutter
9. Key Ring
10. Tweezers
11. Toothpick
12. Disc Saw For Shatterproof Glass
13. Lanyard In Nylon Pouch

Product Specification

Product Attributes Values
Product Code 0.8623.MWN
Functions 13
Color Yellow Luminescent
Height(cms) 11.1
Width(cms) 3.5
Weight(gm) 247
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Scale Material Metal
Guarantee Life time (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special ?

Rescue Tool Description of Product Victorinox, maker of the original Swiss Army knives, introduces Rescue Tool, an emergency pocket tool designed and developed over the years in cooperation with emergency medical and rescue services. After going through stringent tests, the tool features as many as 15 devices including a seatbelt cutter, a window breaker and a disc saw to cut through shatterproof glass, which can be opened in seconds and are ready for use immediately. Every tool has been intelligently designed to work equally well for both left and right handed users. It is the knife we hope you never have to use. But when every second counts, you can count on the Rescue Tool, a true rescuer in every sense of the word. About VictorinoxVictorinox is a Switzerland based manufacturer and retailer of the original Swiss Army Knives. The company was founded in 1884 by Swiss entrepreneur Karl Elsener and it has grown into a global company with 130 years of unparalleled operation. They maintain their rock solid global reputation by implementing high standards of quality, functionality, design and finish across their products. In addition to pocket, household and professional knives, the company also manufactures and sells cutlery, watches, travel gear, apparel and fragrances across the globe. Lifetime Guarantee on Pocket KnivesSince its inception in 1884, the company’s focus has been on the quality of its products and the sound training of its people. Victorinox Labs adheres to the latest engineering standards and is always pushing the envelope on product improvement. Each and every device is opened and hand checked and is passed through strict quality specifications before it comes to you. The company prides itself on its quality heritage.Victorinox guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (2 years for electronic components). Damages caused by misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee. Rescue Tool at Work Lock blade The rescue tool has sharp serrated blade which snaps open with one hand and just as easily snaps back into the locked position. ScrewdriverThe bottle opener/cap lifter has a screwdriver at its tip which works well on large flat-head screws. Wire stripperThe small notch at the side of the cap lifter also works as a wire stripper. Reamer, PunchThe reamer is a tapered, edge-sharpened tool which can be used as an efficient drill for working in leather or wood. Seatbelt cutterIn an emergency, cutting a seat belt may be faster than trying to unfasten it. This rounded cutter, which can be used to cut through seatbelts quickly and safely, makes this tool a “must carry” device in every vehicle. Key ringThis key ring is something you will probably use every day. You can use it for keys or to attach it to anything you like. TweezersThe tweezers, placed under the body (grip) of knife, is capable of effectively removing splinters or holding anything minute. ToothpickFrom cleaning your teeth to playing your guitar, this toothpick will prove handy on many an occasion. Glass disc sawUse the glass disc attached at the other end to saw through shatterproof glass or cut through the plastic of a safety glass. Luminescent grip shellsThe tool has luminescent grip shells that glow in the dark which makes it easier to find in the dark. Nylon cordA nylon cord, placed beside the glass disc saw, allows you to hang the device anywhere. Nylon pouchThis multipurpose tool is housed in a nylon case with protective webbing and a bright belt loop to carry the tool on your belt or hang anywhere.

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