Victorinox Memory Dreamer Blue

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• Deluxe memory foam pillow with contoured rear

• Tapered rear provides the perfect resting position

• Fully adjustable front closure for customisable comfort

• Head and neck holds securely in place

• Avoids any sudden head or neck movements

Product Specification

Product Attributes Values
Product Code 481.101
Color Blue
Height(cms) 27.5
Width(cms) 25.5
Depth(cms) 12
Weight(gr) 312
Material Elastane, Polyester, PU

Why it's special?

Designed with high density memory foam, this super supportive memory pillow instantly moulds to the contours of your neck for a more personalised fit. Its ergonomic shape is gently tapered at the rear to provide the perfect resting position when sleeping upright. Offering optimum support around the neck, it allows the head to slope back and rest comfortably. A fully adjustable front closure further enhances your sleeping experience, holding your head and neck securely in place to avoid any unexpected movement.

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