Victorinox Grand Maitre Forged Bread Knife 23 cm With Wavy Edge, Stainless Steel, POM Handle, Black Swiss Made

Sale price₹ 16,700.00


  • BREAD KNIFE WITH ULTRA-SHARP WAVY EDGE: Effortlessly slice through crusty breads and delicate pastries with the Grand Maitre Bread Knife. This Swiss knife features a precision serrated blade with a unique wave design, allowing effortless slicing. Its exceptional sharpness and long-lasting performance makes it the ultimate tool for achieving perfect, clean cuts every time.
  • TACKLES FIRM PEELS AND CRUSTS: The knife excels at tackling thick crusts or firmer fruit and vegetables with its exceptional cutting performance. Whether you're slicing through crusty bread or dealing with challenging fruits and vegetables, this knife delivers outstanding results. Its versatility and reliability make it an essential tool in any kitchen.
  • EASY TO HANDLE: The perfect balance of the knife ensures precision every time – and its quality ensures it will last a lifetime.
  • WARRANTY: Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship. Damage caused by normal wear and tear misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.

Product Specification

Product Attributes


Product Code


Blade Length (cm)




Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Handle Material

Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Weight (gm)


Type of Edge

Serrated Edge


Lifetime (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special?

With a forged blade, the Bread Knife goes from a daily-usage tool to an incredible, reliable piece of hardware. Nothing in the kitchen can withstand it – no crust is too thick, no peel is too tough. Its serrated edge and perfect balance ensures precision every time. This Swiss knife with its quality ensures it will last a lifetime.

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