Victorinox Cuticle Scissors Stainless Steel, 9 cm, Swiss Made

Sale price₹ 1,610.00


Stainless Steel Curved Cuticle Scissors : Our hands are our greatest tools, required to carry and wield the things that see us through our everyday adventures. Used almost constantly, they require care to stay both well-groomed and healthy. Which is why the smart and sharp Cuticle Scissors are a fundamental piece of the Victorinox Manicure and Pedicure collection. This light, slimline tool is curved towards the tip to make the precision trimming of snagging or broken cuticles easy and swift work. Used alongside the other pieces in our nailcare range, the scissors allow you to move through your day knowing your body most practical tools look and perform at their very best.


The ideal tool to keep your nails healthy Cuticle scissors made of stainless steel Features a curved tip for greater precision


Product Attributes Values
Product Code 8.1671.09
Color Silver
Height(cms) 9.2
Width(cms) 1.3
Depth(cms) 0.4
Material Stainless Steel
Weight(gm) 21

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