Victorinox Carbon Steel "Trend Colours Special Edition" 11cm Wavy Edge Knife/Peeler, Duck Egg Blue, Swiss Made

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  • ABOUT THE BLADES: This Swiss Made Set includes 1 paring knife and 1 peeler. The blades for both products are made with high quality (136L Surgical Grade) rust-free stainless steel. This allows the knife and the peeler to retain their sharpness for a long period of time. The food-grade knife is easy to re-sharpen and maintain over a lifetime while the peeler comes with a micro-serrated replaceable edge.
  • ABOUT THE HANDLES: The ergonomic design of these Rose Pink coloured polypropylene handles complements the blades to fit perfectly in the curve of your palm. These textured handles are less slippery, offering a comfortable grip that reduces strain on your wrist as you work in the kitchen.
  • ROUND-TIPPED SERRATED EDGE KNIFE: The 11 cm long serrated edge of this knife is ideal for slicing bread and cutting thin slices of juicy/pulpy fruits and vegetables, sausages, salami, cheese, etc. The round tip is ideal for applying spreads. Thus, making this knife your go-to tool for sandwiches.
  • FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PEELER: You'll find the specially designed eye-remover extremely useful in removing eyes/black spots of tomatoes with minimal loss of flesh. This peeler features a micro-serrated swinging blade that is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables with hard as well as soft skins.
  • COLOURS: The Swiss Classic Trend Colour Special Edition brings a burst of joyful and fresh hues into kitchens worldwide. This peeler is also available in Lemon and Tangerine colours.

Product Specification

Product Attributes


Product Code


Blade Length (cm)




Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Handle Material

Polypropylene (PP)

Weight (gm)


Type of Edge

Serrated Edge


Life time (Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Why it's special ?

Why should you purchase this Victorinox kitchen and household knife and peeler set?

Since sandwiches are one of the most common breakfast/snack items across the globe, Carl Elsener III, the then CEO of Victorinox, wanted to make the process of making a sandwich quick and easy. Thus, he designed this knife as a single go-to tool for better efficiency of time and resources while a sandwich was made. This eliminated the need for using different spoons/knives.

The 11 cm long blade with serrated/wavy edge makes cutting bread slices a pleasure while the round tip helps in applying the spread. | As most of what passes as stuffing in a sandwich is juicy or pulpy in nature, the serrated/wavy edge of this knife acts like teeth and ensures a strong grip allowing for even slicing.

The Victorinox Double-edged Fruit and Vegetable Peeler helps you to remove vegetable and fruit skins with practically no loss of flesh.

The Wow Factors

1. Blades made from high quality 316L surgical grade rust-free stainless steel.

2. Handles made from textured polypropylene for better grip.

3. These products can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, which means they can be sterilized before use.

4. They are also dishwasher safe.

5. The Ergonomic Handle design of the knife comes with a finger protector for additional safety.

6. The 11 cm paring knife can also be used as a table knife

From the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife

Coming from the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, this knife is backed by the 137-year-old Victorinox legacy. We believe you will appreciate the superior quality of these products and their utility in the kitchen and household. The VICTORINOX GUARANTEE covers any defect in material or workmanship for a lifetime.

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