Victorinox Flex Pack Accessories 4.0 Black

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  • Organized Storage Space: Whether you are at a party, in college, or at a formal meeting, how you organize your bags says so much about how you live your lives. With designated compartments for keeping smaller items such as stationary and all your other office essentials, our stylish messenger backpack makes organizing seem extremely effortless. It can also hold a tablet, making it your favourite handy workstation. So de-clutter and get organized the Victorinox way!
  • Versatility & Ease of Carry: Switching bags every time we go out is a hassle that we all wish to avoid and that's when our unisex multi purpose messenger bag comes into play. It features two detachable snap clips made of strong metal, allowing easy and long lasting attaching and detaching. its lightweight body provides maximum ease of carry. You can wear it as a waist pack, a shoulder tote, or a backpack and never worry about going out of style.
  • Strength & Durability: Made from high-quality Nylon material, our messenger bags are not only stylish but also provide maximum strength and durability for a long lasting shelf life. The zippers, sliders, and detachable snap clips are all made up of strong heavy-duty metal with anti-rusting coating to ensure a smooth user experience and prevent rusting.
  • Quick Accessibility: One of the most important things that we look for in a bag is easy accessibility to our essentials which makes traveling convenient. Our messenger bag features an easy access pocket that makes fitting end minute essentials into the bag hassle-free and saves you a lot of your precious time. its custom zipper puller features a thumb groove, inspired by the Swiss Tool, making it your stylish and easy everyday companion.
  • Bring Home Certified Assurance: Guarantee a stress free and flawless experience with our superior quality messenger bags. These bags come with a certified 10-year global warranty against any and all defects in material and workmanship. Damage caused due to normal everyday wear and tear or misuse is not covered under this warranty.

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    Why it's special

    The future of durable fashion is here! Get every job done and never worry about going out of trend by bringing home Victorinox’s sturdy and effortlessly elegant messenger bags for men and women, that will make you the talk of the town.

    How many times have you lost your documents, essentials, or your favourite pair of cufflinks to inadequate storage space making organizing seem extremely laborious? Victorinox brings its capacious messenger bag to your rescue, making it your favourite utility backpack for all your everyday needs. The designated compartments keep everything in place and rid you of the worry of losing.

    A work meeting at 4 followed by a hiking trip at 5 with no time to switch looks? With our versatile multi purpose messenger bags, you can leave that worry behind! Featuring detachable snap clips, our bags give you the freedom to style them to suit any occasion. You can wear it as a waist pack, a crossbody sling bag, or a backpack, allowing you to be on the run at all times.

    A long shelf life is the most important quality that we look for when buying a bag. Along with being a fashionable asset, our bags provide the uttermost level of strength and durability. Made from high-quality material, these messenger bags also feature zippers and sliders made of strong metal with an anti-rusting coating which promises a smooth user experience.

    Whoever said that durable fashion is a myth, clearly never knew about us. Our messenger bags might steal your limelight and become the talk of every party with their ultra-modern chic appearance. Inspired by the Swiss Tool, the bag features custom zipper pullers with thumb grooves, making it stylish and exceptionally convenient.

    Your search for the perfect travel partner ends here! Store all your essentials in one place without the fear of being crushed under the weight of a bulky bag with our signature backpacks. Our light bags provide quick access to your essentials, making it a delight to carry.

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