Go Travel RFID Organiser

Sale price₹ 2,630.00


An essential piece of kit for any well-organised traveller, this travel document holder offers the added security of RFID protection. Designed to block illegal scans of RFID chips embedded in modern-day passports and credits cards, it stops highly sensitive personal data from being stolen. 18 well-organised compartments offer ample storage for everything from travel documents and tickets to passports and credit cards. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. Personal and banking information is stored on RFID chips in passports and credit cards. Criminals can easily scan these chips from a distance, taking the information like a digital ‘pick-pocket’. This allows them to perform identity theft and other digital crimes.


RFID travel organiser Carry passports, cards & money together Blocks illegal RFID scanning equipment Protects against identity theft & digital crime Includes 10 credit card slots


Product Attributes Values
Product Code 674
Color black
Height(cms) 26.5
Width(cms) 13.5
Depth(cms) 2.2
Material Polyester
Weight(gr) 217

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