Victorinox Dual-Knife Sharpener-Portable Tool with Honing Stone & Ceramic Discs, Black, 230mm

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  • ABOUT THE KNIFE SHARPENER: The Victorinox Dual Function portable straight blade sharpener comes with a honing stone which helps in pre-sharpening and ceramic discs ideal for sharpening fine edges
  • ABOUT THE HANDLE: The handle is made from textured polypropylene, which makes for a better grip as you sharpen your knives.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: This blade sharpener is a simple and elegant product that ensures your knives remain as sharp as on the day you bought them. This elegant sharpening solution features a ceramic notch and a grinding stone, packaged in a form factor no larger than a pen.
  • COLOURS: Currently we manufacture this knife-sharpener only in the black colour.
  • Lifetime warranty: Do you notice any defects while using the product? Nothing to worry about. This peeler comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures that you are protected against any defects in workmanship. All knives and tools by Victorinox are made of first class stainless steel to last longer and provide a seamless cooking experience

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Why it's special ?

Why should you purchase the Victorinox "Fibrox" 15 cm Carving knife?

These are Professional knives providing control, precision and the sharpest blade edge to slice vegetables and meat with ease.

The Wow Factors

  1. Blade made from high quality 316L surgical grade, rust-free stainless steel.
  2. Handle made from exta-light fibrox for better grip.
  3. The blade is laser tested, which allows for the edge to retain its sharpness for a long period.
  4. It is also dishwasher safe.
  5. The ergonomic handle design is anti-slip, proving for additional safety.

From the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife

Coming from makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, this knife is backed by Victorinox's 137-year legacy. We believe you will appreciate the superior quality of our products and their utility in the kitchen and household. The VICTORINOX GUARANTEE covers any defects in material or workmanship on of the knives for a lifetime.

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