Victorinox Sharpening Knife Sharpner, 5.8cm, Grey

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  • Ergonomically Designed Knife Sharpener Quickly, easily and safely sharpen every straight- and wavy-edged knife in your drawer to its precision-cutting best with our small Knife Sharpener/Victorinox Sharpy, which has been ergonomically designed for the safest possible handling. This piece's sharpening mechanism consists of small V-shaped plates formed of carbide metal, which have been placed at an optimal angle inside the design's outer structure. Because these can be turned during the course of the sharpener's life, it can be relied upon to give its users years of service.

Product Specification

Product Attributes Values
Product Code 7.8714
Color Grey
Height(cms) 7
Width(cms) 8.5
Depth(cms) 1.7
Material Synthetic Material
Weight(gm) 17

Why it's special ?

Sharpens smaller-sized straight and wavy edge knives in one step Swiss made easy handling knife sharpener With a handy and ergonomic form and long service life

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