Victorinox, Portable Knife Sharpener with Reversible Blades for Chefs & Home-Cooks, Grey, Swiss Made

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  • ABOUT THE KNIFE SHARPENER: The Victorinox portable blade sharpener comes with reversible ceramic blades that can be refitted once one side gets used up
  • ABOUT THE HANDLE: The synthetic handle has finger grooves which makes for a better grip as you sharpen your knives
  • Functionality: This blade sharpener is a simple and elegant product that ensures your knives remain as sharp as on the day you bought them This elegant sharpening solution is ideal for sharpening serrated/wavy edge knives as well as Swiss Army Knives
  • COLOURS: Currently we manufacture this knife-sharpener only in grey colour

Product Specification

Product Attributes Values
Product Code 7.8715
Color Grey
Height(cms) 13.5
Width(cms) 8.5
Depth(cms) 1.7
Material Synthetic Material
Weight(gm) 17

Why it's special ?

Why should you buy this Victorinox Knife Sharpener with reversible blades? The beauty of this knife sharpener lies in the fact that is pocket-sized, capable of sharpening almost all the serrated/wavy edge knives and Swiss Army Knives in your collection in no time.

The Wow Factors

  1. It has reversible ceramic blades.
  2. Suitable for all serrated/wavy edge blades and Swiss Army Knives.

From the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife

Coming from makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, this blade sharpener is backed by Victorinox's 137-year legacy. We believe you will appreciate the superior quality of this product and its utility in the kitchen and household.

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