Katadyn water Purifier - Portable BeFree 1.0Ltrs

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With the ultralight BeFree 1.0L Tactical, you can head out on any adventure, no matter the size, without worrying about clean drinking water. Whether it be on a remote trek, out mountain biking, or at a small basecamp by the lake. Just fill the flexible, foldable reservoir with water and be immediately refreshed doing what you love. The BeFree 1.0L Tactical is the perfect companion for hikes, travel, or for everyday use. To get the most enjoyment out of your filter, simply shake or swish the EZ-Clean Membrane filter and hit the road. Less worry, more fun, BeFree!


• Compact and ultralight hollow fiber filter that only weighs 73 g. • The collapsible flask packs small to fi t into tight spaces such as running shorts, cycling jerseys, paddling or fishing vests. • The Katadyn BeFreeTM
1.0L Tactical removes bacteria, cysts and sediment with its pore size of 0.1 micron (0.0001mm). • Easily clean the EZ-Clean MembraneTM by simply shaking or swishing. No backflushing or tools necessary. • Effective against microorganisms


Product Attributes Values
Product Code 8020426
Color Grey
Height(cms) 27
Width(cms) 7
Depth(cms) 1
Weight(gr) 63

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