Go Travel Plush Sleeper Pillow

Sale price₹ 990.00


A cracking combination, this lightweight micro fibre travel neck pillow is super soft and springy yet feels firm and fully supportive in use, securely cushioning the head for maximum sleeping comfort. The front popper closure conveniently holds your head and neck in place for all-round comfort and avoids any sudden movements which could wake you from a peaceful slumber. An everyday travel companion, the popper closure also allows you to attach easily to a travel bag.


Super soft micro fibre-filled travel neck pillow Lightweight, springy and fully supportive filling Front popper closure holds the head and neck securely in place Avoids any sudden head or neck movements All-round cushion comfort


Product Attributes Values
Product Code 470
Color Assorted
Height(cms) 29
Width(cms) 29
Depth(cms) 9
Material Polyester - Fibre Filled
Weight(gr) 260

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