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About Laken

Laken Bottles Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Laken products in the US and Canada.

Laken (Productos Deportivos S.A) is a Spanish company operating for over a 100 years,that specializes in environmentally friendly bottles and containers for drinks and food. Laken has lots of experience and knowledge that has been applied to making the excellent, well thought out and environmentally friendly products for you. Today Laken provides a huge selection of drinking bottles, thermoses,flasks and food containers made of certified and guaranteed safe materials, including food grade stainless steel and aluminum (see About Our Bottles).

Laken operates an ISO 9001/2008 certified factory and all bottles are produced to exceed FDA, EEC and other international standards. Laken Bottles Corporation is the sole distributor of Laken in the USA. All of Laken Bottles are BPA Free.

Laken is fun
In addition to our concern for your health and safety and for our environment, Laken thinks you should have fun too. So, we have employed some world class designers such as Kukuxumusu and Mr. Onuff to design some of our bottles and accessories, so you can express yourself with Laken. Very soon we will also offer you the opportunity to design your own Laken if you like. And if you are a business, we will be happy to partner with you in co-branding our bottles with your company logo and design.

The Laken Vision
Laken takes your need for hydration during all types of activities including sports, work and even during relaxation, very seriously. With this basic need in mind we aim to provide bottles and containers that are technically and personally suited to every individual's hydration needs. We also promise to accomplish this with complete respect for the world's environment and for individual health and safety.

Laken achieved accreditation under the ISO 9001:2008 standards many years ago, an indication of our strong regard for maintaining the highest quality and service possible. We commit to a continuing respect for the highest materials and manufacturing standards in our products. We invite you to read further about how Laken is working to achieve this vision.

Laken Bottles Corporation

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