<h1><tittle>Travel Sustainably and Responsibly with These 3 Simple Tips</h1>

Summer marks the beginning of travel season in India. People make a beeline for beach and mountain destinations alike. Travel broadens our horizons, exposes us to new cultures, and creates lasting memories. However, the tourism industry can leave a significant environmental footprint. We often, do not think about sustainability and being sensitive to planet earth. It is important that while we explore the world, we travel sustainably and make better decisions while we travel. 

Sustainable travel doesn’t mean that we just take one-off initiatives. To travel sustainably, we need to develop a mind-set which encourages us to be conscious of our actions. The below travel tips will serve as your travel guide in planning your travel in a sustainable way. 

3 Tips To Travel Sustainably

1)The 3 Rs of Sustainability

The 3 Rs of Sustainability are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  

Reduce: To start with a simple step, reduce how much you pack. Travelling light not only makes travel hassle-free but also reduces the chances of disposing items thus avoiding wastage. 

Reuse: Use products which are durable and last long, this is not only cost effective but also better for the planet. 

Recycle: Try to avoid taking single-use plastic, such as bottles, bags, and straws, which are not biodegradable. This is often overlooked in the suitcase or luggage which we carry with us.  

The Victorinox Crosslight collection helps you in reducing your carbon footprint while you travel. Its complete range includes backpack, duffel bag, wheeled cases, cabin luggage and luxury trolley bags. This collection is made from recycled PET bottles which makes it lightweight and good for the planet. 

2) Promote local business

Your travel can benefit the environment by supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Consider staying in locally owned homestays and guest houses rather than five-star hotels or international chains wherever possible. Dine at local restaurants and savour traditional dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. This not only promotes local business but is also fuel efficient since products don’t have to be brought by long distances to reach you. 

3) Replace Luggage Only When It Breaks 

The durability of your travel gear, and hence the lifespan, largely depends on the quality of the luggage you buy. It’s also worth looking into the luggage warranty as some companies may come with a lifetime warranty, and others may offer repairs to extend the lifespan. 

If your baggage has reached the end of its use, reusing or recycling is the best way to continue getting the most value for your money.  

Victorinox’s Spectra 3.0 collection provides you the perfect option which meets all your needs. It’s the ideal women and men’s travel suitcase. The Spectra 3.0 provides optimal packing volume as it is expandable by up to 40%. The shell material comprises up to 65% SORPLAS™, a high-performance recycled polycarbonate by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. This revolutionary shell material is eco-friendly and delivers high performance. The 100% recycled lining with SILVADUR™ technology inhibits the growth of microorganisms. 

Along with the above, the Spectra 3.0 also provides the option for personalisation which makes your luggage uniquely yours. What’s more Victorinox provides a 1+10-year warranty* 

In case, you are looking for a backpack to accompany you on your adventures – we recommend the Victorinox Touring 2.0 Traveler Backpack, crafted in water-resistant fabrics, it delivers excellent durability, strength & resilience so it will remain strong & retain its shape for years to come.

Touring 2.0 bridges the gap between city-smart office gear & outdoors travel companion. Inspired by the functionality of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, this bag offers personalization possibilities. 

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The above tips and hacks will help you to travel sustainably thus helping you to enjoy your travel and be happy about doing your bit for the environment.